Monster Typer Free App Reviews

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Exelent mais clavier azerty svp

Decent typing fun

But the sprites are stolen from patapon; some are edited but stolen none the less

Padapon should sue you!

For using their graphics

Fun and simple

Fun, simple, way to simple.....

Good game but difficulty level needs to be adjust

The gaps between the levels are too huge. Level 4 was a walk in the park but level 5 is way too difficult. Afterall this is an iPhone game, the keyboard itself is not perfect so it cant be too challenging like a normal typing game in a PC. That being said, awesome game.


Crazy game but the dificulty between level4 and 5 is way to hi but exept for that its a grate game get!!!


Its very fun but its hard.

Really fun, but needs some improvements

This is a great concept and a fun game! Like the old typing games to learn typing. Except this time, you can improve your typing on your iPhone or iPod Touch! It is well made, featuring a simple and cute moving background and little animated characters. However, as has been said by others, the levels get too hard too quickly. Instead of being that hard on Level 5, it shouldnt get that hard until Level 20. Also, the levels should be longer. If the game was improved in this way, it would be more fun. It would be great to be able to choose from different backgrounds... I dont know if theres more backgrounds later in the game, I cant beat Level 5! Another addition that I would love would be a "free play" mode. You can choose which level to play, and then the monsters keep coming and dont stop coming, you dont move onto another level, and you just keep playing that level until youre dead, or until you choose to end the game. In this mode, you try to get the highest score for that level. If this was added, you would be able to keep playing on the difficulty level that best suited your skill level, and keep trying to improve yourself on that level. That would make this game a lot more fun to play. I hope to see updates for this app and will revise my review if updates are made!


Very fun and simple typing game. Smooth graphics and awesome for free.


Too hard the things flow by so friggin fast

Great game

This is a fun app that keeps me occupied for a while. I like the concept, the graphics and the musics pretty good too. Its free so theres not much to complain about except that the game gets a lot harder really early on in the game. Im also not sure if the free version allows you to save your progress. Still its a fun game.

lots of problems

I really like the idea of this app - but there are a few bugs. The graphics eat up the memory quickly it seems, so it slows down and I have to reboot the iPhone. But the bigger problem is that I started a game and when I went back to resume, it skipped a level. I exited and tried again, and now it loops and tells me I have completed each level before I get to even try it. So I cant play any more than one level. Neat idea - I hope it gets fixed.

Good game but....

Level 5 was wayyyy too laggy. Other then that, fun game, and plus its free :)


This is really good but really hard!!

Cool so far

Pretty cool so far. Yah the characters are Patapon identical, but who says they didnt pay copyright, or even are the same makers? My only comment though is that it would be better if you could CAPITALIZE the same way you can with the iPhone ie touch the shift and hold, and move to the letter then release; so u dont have to hit shift twice. And the same with numbers.

Good game but gets too hard too fast

Level 5 seems unbeatable. The game shouldnt get that hard on level 5. It should progress more gradually to give the player a chance. Otherwise a good and entertaining game.


Awesome game btw guys, one i beg for tho. Can yu make the game support landscape mode? Thats usally a problem in typing games and such (:

By Lil_Allymae June 20

This is a really good game ! I love it. I was addictid to it already. I can not believe its not a buy. ((:


Only bad thing is that u cant go to landscape mode

Needs landscape

I aid change to 5 stars if u make landscape mode other than that great game

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