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Monster Typer Free app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 7015 ratings )
Productivity Games Adventure Word
Developer: Caleb Kang
Current version: 1.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 10 Jan 2009
App size: 3.54 Mb

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"This is really an amazing game to help you learn how to type faster or avoid fat fingering the iPhone and iPod Touch keyboard. If you want a fun way to improve your typing skills on your device, download this amazing free game as soon as you possibly can."

Alien monsters have invaded your world! It is up to you and your trusty sidesick to save the world by getting rid of these menacing monsters. Wipe them off the planet with a keyboard by typing the text found on the monsters, their one and only weakness. Type away quickly before they stop you in your tracks!

Learn to type quickly with the iPhone / iPod keyboard with this game!

More worlds, monsters, and levels to come soon!

Keywords: typing, keyboard, learning, type, keys, speed typing, accuracy

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Pros and cons of Monster Typer Free app for iPhone and iPad

Monster Typer Free app good for

Crazy game but the dificulty between level4 and 5 is way to hi but exept for that its a grate game get!!!
This is a fun app that keeps me occupied for a while. I like the concept, the graphics and the musics pretty good too. Its free so theres not much to complain about except that the game gets a lot harder really early on in the game. Im also not sure if the free version allows you to save your progress. Still its a fun game.
Pretty cool so far. Yah the characters are Patapon identical, but who says they didnt pay copyright, or even are the same makers? My only comment though is that it would be better if you could CAPITALIZE the same way you can with the iPhone ie touch the shift and hold, and move to the letter then release; so u dont have to hit shift twice. And the same with numbers.
Awesome game btw guys, one i beg for tho. Can yu make the game support landscape mode? Thats usally a problem in typing games and such (:
This is a really good game ! I love it. I was addictid to it already. I can not believe its not a buy. ((:
I aid change to 5 stars if u make landscape mode other than that great game

Some bad moments

But the sprites are stolen from patapon; some are edited but stolen none the less
I really like the idea of this app - but there are a few bugs. The graphics eat up the memory quickly it seems, so it slows down and I have to reboot the iPhone. But the bigger problem is that I started a game and when I went back to resume, it skipped a level. I exited and tried again, and now it loops and tells me I have completed each level before I get to even try it. So I cant play any more than one level. Neat idea - I hope it gets fixed.
I keep on getting to level 4 and then it crashes. This game wont get anywhere near 2 stars until it fixes all the bugs. It also needs difficulty levels. Also landscape mode plus the words and letters need to be randomized each time you restart. And shake the iPhone to randomize the letters or words. P.s. I also restarted my iPod it didnt help. It is impossible to get past level 5. Unless you can type like100 wps and really good at typing numbers and periods, quotations, and question marks. It needs difficulty levels really bad and maybe some acheivements. Like typing 60 wps or reaching certain levels. That would be nice. And something like a health bar where you can take more hits. And earn money and points so you can use the money for upgrades and the points for the scoreboards. This is a great game and has great potential.
You can play it in landscape mode and also fix the lag that you get while a lot of those monsters are on the board
Dont know if its supposed to do that since its a lite version, but when you get to level 4 you never complete because the lag is so bad.
There should be an option to play it in landscape view... Would be so much fun